Wowza Wednesday?


I’ve been in a conference all week, bettering my teaching skillz, so needless to say, Manic Monday was neglected. Mega regrets! But a mid-week dose of links should still soothe the soul, right?


A song for mid-week.

I’m pretty sure it’s on the food pyramid.

There must be support groups out there for this disease.

Big fan of #9.

“Don’t Got Milk?” doesn’t have quite the same ring.

Now if this website could just dress me too, there’d be so little for me to do in the morning!

Perfect pitch.

Just another vehicle for this awesome fruit. I wish I had a porch I could sit on while drinking this.

He just wants to be friends.

Not quite reading over shoulders, but close.


(Gorgeous picture via Cannelle et Vanille.)


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