Manic Monday

A little Jam humor on a rainy Monday morning.


Nike pointe shoes. I wish there was a commercial for these. Logistically there are some issues, but they’re pretty snazzy looking.

I do this every time I shut off my alarm and oversleep.

Vending machines have feelings, too, you know. I’d be nicer if they gave me stuff for free.

Sometimes it’s great being a grownup. Sometimes it’s super lame. Chelsea Fagan, you know me too well.

Good golly, I think I could probably live on this dish.

RIP Levon Helm. You were one of the incredibles.

This weather app is so adorable. Any extra wardrobe help I can get, I take.

Interesting read about anxiety meds from a few weeks ago.

If I could do #6, maybe more of my students would eat more apples for snack.

Book spine poetry for National Poetry Month.

(Image via the glorious Stephen Wildish)


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