Manic Monday

April showers all weekend. Even though there was only one day of April. Maybe this means the May flowers will happen even earlier? Blame global warming.

But do you know what’s fun? More Manic Mondays!

My love for princess and housewives have finally been realized.

I’m not usually picky about which wine goes with which chocolate, but this guide helps to break it down if your palate is more refined and you like to know those things.

And I thought my job gave me good quotes.

Girls night out?

I’m so excited for this show to start. Like, so excited. Not so scared. So excited.

If you put an egg on anything, it instantly becomes a impressive looking meal. Try it.


A thank you to real friends.

Date requirement.

I love these lists. My lists are usually just things that probably won’t get accomplished. These are much more poetic.

(Photo by Diane Cordell)


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