Fail Bake

Let’s talk about fate.

Mega Millions brought up lots of questions for me.

Some were about what I would do if I won a lot of money. After I bought a KitchenAid, because lord knows, that would be the first thing I bought. And maybe a dresser. Because I still need one of those since Istillstoremyclothessinmovingboxes.

Some were about the things I’d never have to do again. Like laundry. If I won lots of money, I’d pay someone to do my laundry. And make sure that when the shirts are folded there are no wrinkles so that when I get dressed on Monday morning, I don’t look like I’ve been sleeping in my clothes for the past 3 days.

Some were about the idea of destiny.

People got crazy into the whole ticket buying thing. Driving to tiny towns, visiting ransacked 7-11s because that’s where the winner ALWAYS buys their ticket from.

Letting quick pick choose the numbers, because then, if you win, it was TOTALLY by chance and it was meant to be.

A bit of perspective: apparently, you’re 176 times more likely to get struck by lightning in your lifetime than you are to win the Mega Millions.

I’m not good with the whole “fate” thing. Shockingly, I like to be in control. I want to be in charge of things.

I wasn’t going to write about this Fail Bake. But part of dealing with control is realizing when it’s ok to let go of it.


How very mature of me.

Maybe this is that whole “growing up” thing that I’ve heard about. Glad I’m experiencing it now as I’m hurtling through my 20s.

I made these outrageous looking brownies. They’re like, 300 calories in one half-thought of a bite.

What? That’s what this day required.

And it’s not that they were a massive fail. They’re fine. They just weren’t the mouth-crazy-explosion-amazing that I wanted them to be.

I’m not going to lie.

I pouted.

Oh man, does that negate the “growing up” that I’m trying to do?

I pouted and I contemplated throwing them out. I also contemplated pouring a large glass of wine.

Neither of those things happened.

Instead, I’m attempting to take a deep breath, realize that if I REALLY want to, I can try them again, make some tweaks, and see if it works next time.

Or, I could just let it go.

Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be today.

Just like winning the Mega Millions wasn’t in the stars.

The KitchenAid will have to wait, and I guess I still have to do my own laundry.

Hello, wrinkled Monday!


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