Manic Monday

Another Manic Monday post! In other news, so long, Spring break. School’s started back up.

Also pretty sure I just ate a cookie for breakfast. Totally acceptable back-to-school food. There was coffee in it.
Blame this curiosity on the fact that I work with 6-year-olds.

An adorable anniversary gift.

Rockin’ rockin’ band. “Mental Incarceration” has been playing on repeat. Check. It. Out.

Iced coffee season is starting! Dig in your couch for all that lost change.

Incredibly beautiful, incredibly temporary artwork.

Shape insults.

In the spirit of new beginnings: How Mad Men isn’t (or is) handling the subject of race.

Heat in Hoodies.

Anyone interested in throwing a Hunger Games party? Fighting to the death doesn’t HAVE to be included.

Sometimes life just needs more “air quotes.” (And sometimes you need them in cold weather, too)

(Photo by Anders Ruff Custom Designs)


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