Manic Monday

I spent Sunday on the couch. In my sweat pants.

No joke.

I feel no shame.

I may have also tried dipping chocolate Teddy Grahams into peanut butter. It was just one of those things that needed to happen.

No big deal.

Marilyn looking far more put together on her couch. [Image via Retronaut]


Cheaper, tastier, and more fun than buying at a store. Yes, please and thank you.

Advanced shadow puppets.

It might not be too late…

Maybe I need to consider these tips more seriously.

Hauntingly addictive.

This turns into a totally different song when it’s sung like this.

Apparently, we’re more similar to flies than previously thought.

Does it need to be St. Patrick’s Day to make homemade Bailey’s? Probably not.

A lonely letter.

What CAN’T you microwave?


One Comment on “Manic Monday”

  1. japabarue says:

    Love the last tip for the single woman! Got my first hot sauce of the month Xmas present – It looks YUM! Three things: hot sauce, salsa and barbecue/basting sauce. Thanks, Sweetie!


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