Manic Monday

I’m starting a new thing! How exciting!

It’s called Manic Monday. And yes, I have the song in my head right now. I hope you do, too. You’re welcome.

It’s going to be a list of 10 or so links from things I’ve found around the interweb. They’ll be posted on Monday. Hence, the name.

Cleaver, no?

… don’t respond to that.

I find lots of things and (usually) I want to share them with others. Because I’m a sharer like that. And I have a hard time keeping things to myself.


100 best first lines from novels  makes me want to read more. A lot more.

On the subject of books, I really want this one.

The 8 new cupcake shops in New York better provide something new and different. Because I’m picky.

I need to give this card to somebody. Soon. Seriously.

Sometimes love is bitter, yo.

I never get tired of this song.

Amazingly delicate.

Cute idea, but I don’t think I’d be able to stop at one. Is that a problem?

Anyone up for a trip?

All set for a brunch potluck now.


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