Buttermilk Banana Bread

Let’s talk comfort for a minute.

Comfy socks, comfy blankets, comfy couch. All of these warm hearts and souls and make for Saturday afternoons where you never leave the apartment. I’ve been having way too many of those. I know them well, oh yes. I consider myself an expert in comfort, right now.

If there was an exam, I’d totally pass.

Let’s talk comfort food.

Familiar, warm, wrap-you-up-in-happiness smells, tastes that elicit sighs. Yeah, that’s comfort food.

To be honest, I don’t usually equate comfort food with sweet things. Nope, when I’m craving comfort, I want cheesy, bready, spicy, or salty. I want food that heals what ails me, that makes me gut-bustingly full.

But this is comfort food. This banana bread doesn’t scream comfort, it whispers it with traces of tangy buttermilk and soft warm pools of banana.

Here’s the thing:

This banana bread is the ugliest thing I’ve ever baked. So ugly that I couldn’t take a picture of it. My camera shuddered (ha! pun!) at the thought.

That’s saying something, because I’ve made some pretty ugly things.

So make this, and eat it while sitting on your couch, in your sweat pants, under your blanket. Revel in it’s ugly simplicity.

Because comfort doesn’t always win beauty contests.


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A First and Salted Fudge Brownies

Firsts are scary.

The first day of school? Anxiety-ridden

First time you realize you’re unprepared for a presentation? Hive-producing

A first date? Nerve-wracking

The first time you eat something when you’re not really sure what it is? Stomach churning (possibly for multiple reasons).

I over analyze. Is that a girl thing? I think it might be. I need to make sure that the shoes go with the shirt go with the vibe I want to give off. And then I need to change 3 times. And then I’ll still stress that I’ll be the most (overdressed/underdressed/over prepared/under prepared/fill-in-the-blank-here) person there.

In any case, first posts are no different.

But, in an attempt to play it cool and be nonchalant, I give you this blog.

There might be some disasters. There might be some mistakes. There might be some shoes that don’t go with the shirt.

One thing that does go with any shirt (or shoes, for that matter)? Salted fudge brownies.

Brownies aren’t scary. Even when you make a new recipe for the first time. Brownies that are dense and fudgy are really not scary.

What might be scary? How you can convince yourself that these brownies can be eaten at any time.

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